10 Fun Facts About the American Press

10 Fun Facts About the American Press

Ten Fun Facts About the Project Our Indiegogo Backers Helped Create

  1. The first run of the American Press was 100% sold out before it even left the factory, thanks to you!
  2. That first run you helped create is twice the quantity we’d anticipated.
  3. The first run that’s chugging along the American countryside on the slow train to Chicago weighs almost 2,500 kilograms. That’s 2.5 metric tonnes, or 2.75 ‘merican tons (about the weight of a car). You figuratively helped us a ton to create a company and launch a product, but you also literally helped us a tonne (2.5 metric tonnes, to be exact).
  4. The idea for the American Press dates back to my graduate thesis project at Northwestern University… I’ve been working on it for FIVE years... Jimminy. But now the American Press is just days away from arriving in Chicago, thanks to you!
  5. The name for the American Press was a result of people often saying “It’s a French press”. I found myself saying “It’s not a French press!!” so often that it just naturally turned into “It’s not French press, it’s… American Press” and so “It’s American Press” was born.
  6. The creator of the American Press (that’s me, haha) was an applied physics student who interned at Argonne National Lab before moving on to grad school, so your American Press was (kinda sorta) designed by a quasi-bonafide physicist (aka, a wayward physics student).
  7. Speaking of science, the American Press has been lab tested. We’ll have more on this later, but we just completed 3rd party lab tests that confirmed my own laboratory findings (turns out all those chem labs in school were useful after all)... The American Press outperforms all other coffee presses tested in both maximizing extraction (the amount of coffee grounds dissolved in the brewed coffee) and minimizing sediment (the amount of fines left in the cup after brewing with a steel filter).
  8. The American Press has a very American but also a very global appeal. We've pre-sold presses to almost 56 countries around the world with roughly 30% of American Press sales coming from countries outside North America. Going forward, I will strive to make the American Press a "coffee brewer without borders" and an ambassador of good coffee will (sounds corny but I’m serious, despite my love of coffee puns).
  9. I spent the last few years working in an automotive design studio in Detroit, which inspired numerous automotive features and concepts (the American Press is designed like a piston in a cylinder with a piston seal, the pod top looks like an alloy car wheel with its five spokes, and in the spirit of removing door handles and hood ornaments from hot rods, I shaved off all the excess stuff like the usual handle and beak-like spout, all while making sure the American Press still poured and handled great (just like a good car, less the pouring part).
  10. The American Press is, to my knowledge, currently the most highly funded coffee press in crowdfunding history! (thank you!)

Cheers & thanks so much to all of you who helped start a company, launch a product, and rescue a corporate refugee from his cube : )

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