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"American Press convinces with its simple and clever idea of integrating a brewing chamber for the solids. The appliance is thus user-friendly and can be cleaned easily."

"Most of us are familiar with a French Press. Well, now there’s the American Press coffee maker, too."

"Combining nuanced, balanced flavors with Keurig-like convenience, the American Press is an entirely new way to brew a cup of coffee."

"Thanks to the American Press’ unique pressurized extraction, your cuppa joe fully pours sludge-free, so you can enjoy every drop."

"This fixes a messy problem that French presses have: the grounds at the bottom. It has a detachable pod that’s easy to clean."

"The result is It's American Press, a way of brewing coffee similar to a French press, but that is easier to clean and makes coffee more quickly thanks to a patented technology."

"But, most importantly, when it’s time to clean up, you just pull out the pod and dump it out, rather that than having to wash scattered grinds from the entire carafe."

"The American Press is easier to clean than a French press and, unlike disposable pod-based brewers, it’s eco-friendly."

"The It's American Press is a brewing device quite similar to a plunger/aeropress but much more refined and a lot more forgiving when brewing your cup of coffee."

"I’ve already taken my It’s American Press all over Texas and can say it’s been one of the easiest brewers to travel with."

"The American Press is great anytime really, whether on the go like camping, van living or if you live in a tiny house (or even a standard home)."

"Dave and I have been using the American Press for about three weeks now and have to say that we really like it. It has a number of boat-friendly features and makes a great cup of coffee."

"The American Press is an elegantly designed brewer that makes a knock-your-socks-off cup of Joe."

"It’s fun to watch, easy-to-use, easy to clean, portable, and most importantly makes great-tasting coffee."

"The American Press brewer is a great concept. The design is sleek, interesting and it is fun to brew with (and watch it brew). It brews a great cup of coffee and the recipes are easy to repeat."

"Meet the American Press: Immersion and Pressure Combined"