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Q: How does the coffee taste?

A: We wish we could get you all samples! But in lieu of that we've had experts taste test various coffees brewed in our machine and the most common comments are that it's "clean and complex" with subtle flavors and aromas attributed to pressurized extraction and our steel filters, and that it's "smooth" in a way that remains free of the "muddiness" that plagues other presses.

Q: What type of filters does the American Press use?

A: The American Press uses a stainless steel inlet filter and an ultra-fine, 100 micron stainless steel outlet filter that preserves flavors and oils while restricting unwanted sediment or "mud", so your coffee stays smooth and drinkable from your first sip to the last. It's the perfect balance of "clean" and "complex".

Q: How much coffee does the American Press make?

A: The American Press is sized to make two 6-ounce cups. This comes out to 12 fluid ounces or approximately 355 ml, but you can push it to make a little more (up to 14 ounces).

Q: I know the American Press can make more than the standard 12-ounce serving, but how about less?

A: Yes! Some customers prefer stronger coffee or want a smaller serving. Either can be accomplished simply by adding less water. And if you really want to push the limits of the American Press' similarity to an espresso machine, you can try using even less water to press "shots".

Q: How long does it take to brew?

A: The American Press can make coffee surprisingly quickly. How fast you press is up to you and your taste, but it can brew as you press in under a minute, though we recommend a slower 2-minute press including 20-30 seconds of pre-infusion (letting the grounds wet evenly after a short initial press/before your main press).

Q: Are there other sizes available?

A: We will be introducing the American Press in one size only, but may introduce other sizing options in the future. Luckily, the American Press can easily make less or more than the standard serving, and if its largest serving of 14 ounces still isn't quite enough, the American Press is unique both in being an enjoyable and engaging way to brew, and being easy to reset for another round. If you have a group, we think everyone will want their own turn!

Q: How much coffee does the American Press use?

A: The reusable pod at the core of the American Press' brewing technology is sized to be filled by approximately 24 grams of coffee, corresponding to 12 grams/6 ounces of water, our recommended ratio. You can, however, add more or less coffee. If you prefer less bold coffee, try 20 grams for a 12 ounce serving. If you want to push the limits of your American Press, try even more coffee than the recommended 24 grams.

Q: What grind does the American Press use?

A: We recommend a standard, medium grind. The same used for most automatic coffee machines and the same you'll find in pre-ground coffee, but you can play with finer grinds. We do not recommend using extremely fine or extremely coarse coffee. 

Q: Is the American Press made of food-safe materials?

A: The American Press is made of the highest quality materials available and is constructed from only three main materials: Stainless steel (lid exterior, rod and filters), BPA-free Tritan® (the carafe and pod are made of Tritan, a resin that is actually more costly than glass, necessary with respect to manufacturing tolerances needed to make the American Press function properly, and it is the same material baby bottles are made of in the USA, EU, Japan, etc. and is fully Prop 65, Japan Ministry of Health and FDA compliant), and medical-grade silicone (seals and lid core).

Q: Is the American Press dishwasher safe?

A: Yes! The carafe is made of Tritan(R), the same BPA-free material used in Nalgene(R) bottles, Camelbak(R) products and high-end Vitamix(R) blender bodies was chosen for its strength and durability. It can be washed on top rack of the dishwasher without concern along with all parts of the American Press, though you may prefer to handwash the high-polish steel parts. The filter screen in the pod top can also be easily removed by pushing it out of the pod top with your finger, and the silicone gasket can be removed from the filter screen as well for thorough cleaning and drying, but please be careful with these small parts in the dishwasher (recommend placing them in a utensil basket by themselves).

Q: Is the Tritan carafe microwave-safe?

A: No! There is a piece of steel in the carafe, so it's not microwaveable. We recommend microwaving your water in a ceramic mug, then transferring it to your carafe. Though we prefer using an electric kettle ourselves, this method does have the added benefit of pre-heating you mug!

Q: I noticed the American Press has no handle. Isn't it too hot to pick up?

A: Our carafe is a double-wall, air-gap insulated design, offering a high-level of insulation that's cool to the touch, even when filled with boiling water.