It's a Red Dot award winner, and it's our anniversary!

It's a Red Dot award winner, and it's our anniversary!

Hello backers, fans, and recent customers,

Many of you were right here with us three years ago today when I launched the American Press on Indiegogo. The American Press as we know it is also turning two right about now. That is, two years old, with its official birthday back in October 2016 when we first began shipping the production American Press to our crowdfunding backers. 


A lot has happened since then, including a very fun Red Dot design award that we received personally in Germany (that's me below with my best "surprised" face after a very long but very fun evening at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany where the American Press is now on display).



So the "American Press" is now officially the "Red Dot award winning American Press"! : )

Over the last three years since we launched, we've also received a lot of intangible rewards ranging from interacting with our amazing supporters and some of the best customers in the world to a lot of great press from outlets like the Chicago Tribune, Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine, Men's Journal, Outside Magazine, Uncrate, and more...

We also brought home a best new product award last year at Chicago Coffee Fest and the best award we can possibly receive, overwhelmingly positive, lovely reviews from our amazing customers, including over 96% four or five star reviews on Amazon here, and similarly rave reviews for the American Press coffee and tea maker on our website here.   


 So does anyone remember this little perk from our crowdfunding campaign two years ago?

It's a fun little piece of kit to add to your American Press with artwork custom designed for us by a wood type letterpress studio in Detroit and, to celebrate, we're re-releasing the original Coffee! mug, available now here and, to say "Thanks!", we're also going to be giving these mugs away free until midnight tonight (November 9th) when you purchase our Coffee! Mug + American Press bundle with discount code:  anniversary18

And speaking of celebrating, we're also celebrating Movember this month with an Instagram giveaway, so mosey on over to our IG and ask yourself, is it cheating if you already have a beard?? You decide.

It's been an interesting and, at times, wild ride. As always we can't thank our backers and customers enough for helping us turn an idea into a real product that's now an award winning product. So thanks again for your support and enthusiasm for our new way to brew, the "American Press".

Cheers & very happy brewing, 


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