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Baratza Bundle - An Encore and an American Press

Baratza Bundle - An Encore and an American Press

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Good coffee starts with a good grind!

Step up to home grinding with one of the best entry level burr grinders on the market, the Baratza Encore®, and get the most out of your American Press while saving some beans (a.k.a., dough) with our Baratza® Bundle. That's right, your first cup of home-ground and hand-pressed coffee will taste even sweeter because this bundle's price is 10% off the combined retail price of one Encore + one American Press.

Bundle includes one (1) Baratza Encore® electric burr grinder and one (1) American Press coffee & tea maker

Note: Bartaza® Grinders and bundles containing them ship to the USA only. If you live outside the USA, we cannot ship Baratza® grinders to you but we can ship our American Press brewer to (almost) any country in the world... For free! (see above)


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